Enneagram Psychometric Assessment


The Enneagram test follows the personality model developed in the teachings of O. Ichazo and C. Naranjo. The model maps out nine different personalities on a nine-pointed diagram describing the core beliefs and the worldview each one operates from.

This test is relevant for

All job roles. This test should not be used to make final hiring decisions, but to get to know candidates better and obtain talking points for an interview. It can also be used to explore team dynamics and manage projects better.


The way we interpret the world and manage our emotions determine how we behave in the various situations we experience on a daily basis. Understanding the core beliefs that lead to the decision and actions different types of people take can help you understand how each type reacts to both stress and opportunity. The enneagram test describes nine different personality types, their worldview, and how they are linked to each other. To visually represent these links between the different personality types, the model places each type at one tip of a nine-pointed diagram called an enneagram. The enneagram test provides insights into a candidate’s personality type, their approach to personal relationships, and their style in a professional setting. The results page discusses the best attributes of each personality type in detail and outlines the main challenges and development opportunities that come with it. The test offers a glimpse into each candidate’s mode of operation and offers tips for effectively communicating and collaborating with each of the other enneagram types. The results page also includes a number of suggested questions that job interviewers can meet with candidates from each one of the nine styles to get to know them better and dig deeper into how they operate and manage situations.


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